“When I walk into a home, I want to feel emotion — not only look at pieces that are interesting and collectible, but be in a space that tells me a story.”

Trilbey's life is a story of adventure, never-ending curiosity, and an exuberant spirit, all of which infuse her design approach and style. How to define it? "On paper some of the pieces shouldn't work," she says. But it always does. She curates an eclectic mix of rock-n-roll, mid-century modern and cool gentlemen's club, all suffused with a sexy 70's Studio 54 vibe. Yet every detail is carefully considered. She is not slapdash. She waits for the right pieces.

Her unique aesthetic and approach to design attracts an enviable client base, mostly composed of celebrities, film and music industry stars, as well as opinion leaders and tastemakers from all around the world.

"Trilbey Gordon is an interior designer in London whose creativity is sought after by clients in fashion, art, the film world, who want a home that is as creative as their work. These are the glamorous circles Trilbey mixes in so easily, actors and film directors, Vogue editors and fashion writers. She was one of these herself though there isn’t a hint of pretension, Trilbey is such easy company, it is easy to imagine the company she moves in includes you."

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Growing up in Chelsea and educated in Switzerland, she lived in Paris after graduation. Here began a lifelong love affair with the ultra-chic interiors of the hôtels particuliers.

Her travels took her to Los Angeles at a time when 'mid-century modern' was unknown in London. Influenced by John Lautner and the maximalist homes furnished by set designer Tony Duquette, and inspired by the furniture of Milo Baughman, Paul Evans and Willy Rizzo, her own style began to emerge.

Working as a fashion writer for Vogue back in London, Trilbey also designed her own capsule collection which was taken by storm in stores worldwide. However, her lifetime love for interiors eventually prevailed and she is now in high demand as a design consultant. "You will never see two houses the same." Good thing, as most of her clients are confidential with NDA's as the norm. "Each of my projects is a unique exploration of curiosity and experimentation. The unexpected choices give these spaces a real spirit and edge. It will never be beige!"


Trilbey Gordon Design + Interiors also offer a range of consulting services, from styling concepts for smaller budgets to sourcing custom-made furniture.

To find out more about what we do, or if you have a project you would like to discuss with Trilbey, please contact us:

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